Giving you a little extra help...

March 13, 2018


So, I've decided to compile a little help document together, my so called "Welcome Pack", over the next days as many of you reached out to me asking about copyrights, help with gigs and promo etc. and I thought it's a wonderful idea to make it. You will always have something to refer to and I'll try to write it as simple as possible so it's easy to understand. The best thing is, it's all from my own personal experience! I did a lot of touring in the last years, acted as manager for my band, released my own material - basically you can do everything yourself, without the need of a manager or record label. And that's what you should do, you know what you're getting and learn by getting all the experience first hand, rather than having someone doing it all for you. My welcome pack should be ready soon, if you are an existing client of mine I will send you a welcome pack as soon as it's ready. :) 

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