Hello Pop!

August 20, 2018

We welcome our newest producer Rachel J. aka Voi Vang to the Musik Alchemix Productions crew! :) Rachel is a young but very talented producer and songwriter, influenced by music of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, it's a no-brainer to have her on board for all the ladies and queens who are seeking out to be more GaGa or Britney! :) Her musical style is exciting, fresh and pop, you can check out here music below.


Pop music is a very competitive industry with X-Factor and several other music talent shows looking for new talents and acts each year. To compete you will definitely need a really good song, talent or passion to sing and we feel that we can deliver at least the track on the musical side which will make 50% of your whole performance. The other 50% is your talent, your voice, your artist persona and maybe the way you dance or interact with the audience.


Anyone interested in getting a pop track produced by Rachel this can be arranged via our website. You will need to contact Musik Alchemix Productions via email musikalchemix@gmail.com or use our contact form, quoting "pop music" and specific details about the song vibe and what you like us to do. We will then review your request and confirm wether we want to carry out your request or not. Prices start at £400 per song which includes 2 producers (Rachel & Laura Dre) and mixing and mastering.  Happy songwriting everyone! :)






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