Sirius Vibrations

December 6, 2018


Just produced Alan's band "Sirius Vibrations", which is a mixture of psychedelic / krautrock / oriental music. Alan is a one-man band doing everything: playing guitar, playing bass, coming up with funky bass lines and catchy riffs AND singing! It was an absolute pleasure working with him on his EP "Astral Energy". I personally think it's a gem between everything that's out there today, because it's raw, it's personal and just has some good vibes tunes. Dreamy and catchy not to mention! Something you want to listen to on the way flying to the moon! 


I know that this man is a capable of many things and has a whole wonderful future of music ahead of him. Wait and watch him evolve when he gets his band together! :) 

At the moment Alan is doing open mic nights by himself that you can check out.


Check out his stuff on Spotify:…
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Currently I'm working with Alan on another 2 songs, which will come out soon hopefully!



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