Music Creation


This service is great for people that have little to no musical knowledge and who are mainly vocalists / lyricists. It offers a little more help than our other products and we will help you from start to finish to get your music into all digital stores, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


No musical knowledge is required, however you do need to write your own lyrics.

With that, it's easy to get your own track: You can submit your lyrics, reference tracks and idea of genre / direction to us and we will discuss your vision either over a lovely coffee (if you are in Wilhelmshaven or London) or over Skype video. The consultation is free. We can let you know if it's possible to make it before agreeing to anything.

Once decided and if you wish to go ahead with our service, we will try to create something that is similar or has the vibe of your reference track. With your submitted lyrics we can make them fit the song and provide a vocal melody guidance if you need it. 

Who can use the services:

Friendly individuals from all around the world. Everything is done online, but you are welcome to visit the studio in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. We will refuse services to individuals with lyrics that are discriminatory, homophobic or misogynist in any way.

What you will get:

- Songwriting services

- Lyrics adapted to the song

- Song production

- Professional Mixing

- Professional Mastering

- Distribution to all digital stores (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, Deezer, etc.)

- Artist Consultation

- Support


Once the work commences you will get an initial draft of your song within 2 weeks as an instrumental version. The next step would be to record the vocals, you can either chose to do that in a recording studio near you, or at home or arrange a recording locally with us if you are in London or Wilhelmshaven. Yes, you can visit us in Wilhelmshaven if you wish to come! Let us know and we can arrange it. Once the vocals have been recorded, we will professionally mix and master the song(s), so you have a professional sounding and amazing album.  

Delivery time:

Usually it's 2 weeks for an initial draft and 1 week from the point you delivered your vocals.


A 50% upfront payment is required after the free consultation and before we commence the work, you can find it on the price-list here. The rest can be paid upon completion, or if you wish you can pay in re-occurring instalments for up to 6 months (this option will delay the delivery but the monthly payments are affordable).

Should you have any further questions feel free to contact us. 


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